Comprital Traditional

Many Embraces it Comprital Creates it!

The Comprital Group was formed in order to achieve a strong position in the market by expanding into international markets and consolidating its expertise with the aim of uniting companies

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Item Category

Soft Serve Ice cream
Frozen Yhogurt
Flavors and Paste
Speedy Mixes

The Whole Taste of Simplicity

Simple, quick and ready-made for an impeccable preparation. That’s the Speedy: a line of gelato mixes in powder form. All ingredients in one bag to dilute with milk or water depending on the selected flavour.

Easy to store and use due to the practical single-dose bags: the necessary complement for an artisanal product requiring increasingly quicker time in preparation without affecting the final result.

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Speedy Flavours

The Widest Range of Flavors

Speedy Babyblue 1.25 Kg

Speedy BubbleGum 1.25 Kg