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Many Embraces it, Comprital Creates it!

The Comprital Group was formed in order to achieve a strong position in the market by expanding into international markets and consolidating its expertise with the aim of uniting companies

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Soft Serve Ice cream
Frozen Yhogurt
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Healthy Life and Light Modern Diet

Frozen Yoghurt is the 2000s “cool food”. It name recalls a healthy life and a light and modern diet. The century-old know-how in gelato and fozen desserts made of simple and genuine ingredients is reflected by the frozen yoghurt and enabled us to make it appreciated everywhere in the world.

Comprital has made the history and is one of the protagonists of this successful phenomenon as it researches every day for new ideas to launch on an attentive market

Frozen Yo+

Today’s Coolest Phenomenon

Frozen Yopiu 1.6kg

Frozen Yopiu 1.5kg