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    Many Embraces it, Comprital Creates it!

    The Comprital Group was formed in order to achieve a strong position in the market by expanding into international markets and consolidating its expertise with the aim of uniting companies

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    Soft Serve Ice cream
    Frozen Yhogurt
    Flavors and Paste
    Topping Sauces

    Shiny and Tasty Nice and Handy

    Our toppings are made with the best possible ingredients, starting from the bottle, made of soft plastic for food, with anti-drip cap and washable label.

    We make them nice and hand because you will use them in front of your client, so their use has to be handy, quick and clean. The product is shiny and tasty; it gently leans on the gelato and slowly descends towards the cup!

    Frozen Yo+

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