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CBSI was established and managed under its mother company Technolux. The company is comprised of its own sales and delivery team, as it is considered a separate company; though other operational functions are integrated with Technolux. The company has a total manpower complement of 10 personnel.

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CBSI product lines focus on items that complement the equipment distributed by Technolux. CBSI also focuses on products that have a special niche in the food-service and hospitality industry.

The general categories are as follows:

Frozen Dessert

Food Safe Cleaning Agent

Pastry Saucesand Pastes

Bottled Water

The company takes pride in delivering quality products that continuously exceed customer expectation. It has been our passion and commitment to continuously improve through our customers’ needs by anticipating what their requirements are.

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Technolux is the Philippines’ largest importer and distributor of a complete line of Foodservice, Smallwares, Laundry and Cleaning equipment to hotels, resorts, hospitals, manufacturing & industrial plants, restaurants, quick service restaurants, convenience stores and various institutions involved in the food-service and hospitality industry.

Through the course of their business the company saw the opportunity of growing through complementary products which were needed by their equipment; thus started Culinary Best Source Inc.

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