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    Frozen Yoghurt is the 2000’s ‘cool food’
    It’s name recalls a healthy life
    and a light modern diet

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    San Benedetto - Sparkling Water

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    CBSI was established and managed under its mother company Technolux. The company is comprised of its own sales and delivery team, as it is considered a separate company; though other operational functions are integrated with Technolux. The company has a total manpower complement of 10 personnel.

    About Us
    Ice Cream Ingredients

    Chocolates, the King of Handmade Gelato

    Chocolate or simply cocoa-based powders
    or dough. Our line offers all that you need to create the best product in your counter

    Ice Cream Ingredients

    Classical Paste,rich in noble and exclusive paste flavours

    Featuring a precious paste flavours free from vegetable fats and often also from sugar, but rich in noble products such as cocoa butter and chocolates; free from food colourings

    Ice Cream Ingredients

    Speedy,a powder line of gelato preparations

    All ingredients in one bag, to be diluted in milk or water, depending on the flavour you want to obtain Easy to store and use due to the practical single-dose bags

    Acqua Minerale

    The Taste of Italian Drinking

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